Friday, November 21, 2014

Givin' It Up  

For me, this is one of those jams that always gets my ass on the floor. I remember first getting exposed to this record by the Sweater Funk in the late 2000's. It immediately became one of those major "wants" and I searched for it incessantly! The time came where I found a copy and I was able to trade some rare "ALF" pogs and an eight ball slammer for it and my 7" collection got a major shot in the arm. I tried finding out more info about the band but info is pretty non existent other than their names. I did find another release by them, a 7" titled "You My Love" but it was terrible! Go ahead, look it up! It's got nothing on "Givin' It Up". It's  not even in the same league. Anyway, I have seen this sought after 7" pop up a few times since I got my hands on  it and if you're diligent I'm sure you can  score a copy. There is another jam on Biram by the Gibson Brothers called "My Hearts Beating Wild" that sounds proper aside from a cheesy chorus that is worth checking out. Oh yeah, and I'm deeply sorry for the lack of content on my part, I am in the process of getting my groove back!

Charms-Givin' It Up

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