Thursday, February 26, 2009

Young, Willing and Able  

Minnie Riperton had a short but very esteemed career in music. In her teens Riperton was the lead singer of a band The Gems and was affiliated early on with Chess Records. Riperton is likely best remembered for her song "Loving You" where her five and a half octave vocal stylings were highlighted. In this track, "Young, Willing and Able", a more funky side of Minnie is expressed. This song, released in 1977 on Epic, was produced by Freddie Perren who was known for producing two tracks on the Saturday Night Fever album, "I will Survive/Substitute"(produced with Dino Fekaris) and many of the Jackson Five's first hits. Minnie's sultry vocals are perfectly backed with a sprinkling of horns, electric guitar, cascading synths and smooth strings. This song just drips with sensuality. So good.

Minnie Riperton: Young Willing and Able

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Monday, February 23, 2009

A Funky Situation  

What do you get when you mix B.T. Express and Brass Construction? This is the only track by Garnett Mims & Truckin' Company; but Garnet Mims (with one t) was a soul singer from Ashland, West Virginia in the mid 60's. It was produced by Jeff Lane from B.T. Express and Randy Muller from Brass Constructionin 1977. The back track sounds very much like any from Brass Construction's self titled LP, but with screaming guitar and funky proto-rave synth work. The guitar can be a bit much, but I am a sucker for tambourine.

Garnett Mims & Truckin' Company - What It Is

Garnett Mims & Truckin' Company - What It Is (Part II)

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

More JIVE Rhythm Trax  

Ok, I recorded this entire album twice as I suffered a grand technical failure the first time around, and as such the evening is wasting away so I'm going to keep this short so I can make my rendesvous.

Many of you may be familiar with the popular dark electro classic '112 BPM' . It came from this album, More Jive Rhythm Trax, the follow up to the equally sought after (but not quite as deadly in my opinion) Jive Rhythm Trax. A series of albums produced by Jive records consisting of dark, dubby instrumental covers or 'versions' of popular electro and new wave tracks of the day. I have three albums in this series, one with a blue cover, this one with a red cover, and one with a yellow cover entitled something like Jive Scratch Trax. They were all intended to be used as DJ tools, and might be the first example of a mass produced record purely intended as a utility for DJ'ing. I find them all amazing.

If you can, try and spot the original inspirations for these instrumentals:

S.M.U.R.F. mp3
112 B.P.M. mp3
129 B.P.M. mp3
112 B.P.M. mp3
120 B.P.M. mp3
101 B.P.M. mp3
116 B.P.M. mp3
116 B.P.M. mp3

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Vangelis was Greek, these are Italian...  

This short lived Italo-disco gruppo had a member of Kirlian Camera in it and these tracks were in fact produced with Italo kingpin Koto.  Although enmeshed in Italo-ness, their inspiration came from Greek god of synth pads, Vangelis (born Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou), the composer responsible for the Chariots of Fire soundtrack.  I suppose it is true Italo-disco fashion that Hipnosis produced mainly covers...there also is a cover of Oxygene by J.M. Jarre, the French version of Vangelis.  Both of these cuts below will provide some drama to the dancefloor and if you are lucky, Pris will come cartwheeling out out from the corner...

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


As Safety Scissors and myself sat down several hours ago to rip "What's In It For Me" by Zalmac we came to a very simple consensus. The vocal mix was too "vocal-y" and the instrumental mix (somewhat ironically) was missing the instrumental breakdown we both enjoyed on the A-side. So here it is. Produced in less time (and infinitely less effort) than this "edit" actually runs, this can not be clearly defined as an edit, but rather a cut and paste of the instrumental and the vocal breakdown section resulting in the ideal mix that just now sees the light of day. Neato!

The original 12" was released on the private TSOB imprint in 1982. An image of Zalmac's only full length LP entitled "Whatcha Gonna Do" is pictured above. I really need to add dude's sleeveless leather jacket to my collection stat.

Zalmac - What's In It For Me (Cut And Paste)

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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Boom Inside Your Room  

Here is another Cameron Paul jam under his Layizon moniker. This, like the other, is an odd bird packed with awesome sounds and freestyle flavor. The video inspired me to make a mega-mix of Cameron Paul produced tracks. If anyone can make some monitors like that for the Beat Electricians, please let us know!

Layizon - The Ride Inside
Cameron Paul - LeBaron's Janky Megamix

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes  

Ann-Margaret was born in Sweden and came to America in 1946. In the 1960's Ann-Margaret began a recording career in addition to her already notable film career. While her music ventures didn't prove as successful, she did have a song "I Just Don't Understand" peak on the Billboard Charts at #17 in 1961. Much later, she had this song "Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes" released in 1981 on First American Records. The song was popular in clubs and reached #22 on the charts. "Everybody..." features brilliant production and writing by Paul Sabu and highlights the soft and throaty qualities of Ann-Margaret's voice. "Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes (Part 2)" is percussive, with just the right amount of horns and synths.

Ann-Margaret -- Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes(Part 2)

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Queen Constance Band  

Queen Constance Records was owned and operated by Peter Brown, of P&P records fame, so the sound of University Dances of 1978, a recording by the then house band, should come as no surprise. Gritty, stripped down seventies deep disco. Just look at the cover, those two deeply in love university scholars are doing the New York Freak, possibly to the vocal cut, or maybe even the instrumental version, both of which I'm posting in devotion to the memory of St Valentine and the love the binds us all. Such an image makes you ponder, perhaps the young man on the cover enjoyed the company of his date beyond the hours of dancing academia, and sensitively laid her down to the extended percussive breaks of the Pigeon Hustle.. one can only hope.

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Friday, February 13, 2009


I've been waiting for this date to fall upon a Friday...Waiting in the dark cabin and I've cut the power or waiting in the woods and your flashlight is running out of batteries. Yes, you are cute in your ripped up mini shorts and I'm not so hot and smell like lake water. No, I'm not promoting the new movie, just the one from 1982. Er, rather just the soundtrack from this movie...I actually liked the second one more.

p.s. Look out for a track by PJ Pooterhoots inspired by this one on Proptronix in the near future.

p.p.s. The DJ stamp on my copy of this actually says "MINI SHORTS" with the "O" being the spindle hole.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First True Love Affair  

We rarely mention modern artists here at BE, but we make an occasional exception when we find something that garners our attention. Our friends in Codebreaker recently constructed a cover of the Jimmy Ross classic "First True Love Affair" for a website called Buffet Libre. Unfortunately the track got a little bit buried amongst the 80 or more other artists that they commissioned to cover a classic track for their Rewind 2 series. Anyways, Codebreaker dug a little bit deeper than the rest and did a fine cover, staying true to the original whilst adding a few modern touches. All in all, they produced a solid version of the 1981 Jimmy Ross/Kano masterpiece.

Codebreaker - First True Love Affair

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Let The Music Talk To You  

Eumir Deodato is a very accomplished arranger, producer, and keyboard player from Brazil. In the late 60's and early 70's he was mainly known for jazz and jazz funk and pressed records for CTI Records. His records never sold very well and eventually CTI folded. In the Mid 70's he signed to MCA and then pressed records on the Warner Brothers label in the late 70's. In addition to recording tracks under his own name, he produced tracks for Kool and the Gang, Gwen Guthrie, and the Dazz Band; among others. He has recently produced and arranged for Bjork.

This 1982 track shows how well he excelled as a boogie producer. It is super smooth with a funky bass up front, spacy synths in the background, and subtle vocals.

Deodato - Keep On Movin'

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

David Joseph - Lets Live It Up (Nite People) INSTRUMENTAL  

I just put the picture for this post up and realized that the two punk new wavey kids pictured probably wouldn't have been caught dead listening to David Joseph. In fact, its a shitty choice of imagery now I think about it for a boogie instrumental, but I couldn't find any good pictures of second wave eighties skateboard pro's, which is predominantly what I most enjoy looking at, so I used this pic instead. Aren't they sweet?

This is another big UK tune from the king pin of the London scene. I have been seeing the instrumental appearing on big name DJ playlists the past few years, and its a fun track to work into a set at there is a big pay off at the end of the long mixable drum intro that always kicks the energy up a notch.

I feel so hungover and sick I want to die, which I think I may now go and do. Please download this track and play it loud in my memory.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Set It Off  

Under the guidance of legendary NYC DJ Walter Gibbons, "Set It Off" by Strafe was a massive underground club hit upon its release in 1984. Gibbons (who mixed the track) was co-founder of the Jus Born imprint which was basically formed as a catalyst for the "Set It Off" single. The track had such a profound impact that they went on to produce a female vocal version in 1985, a 1986 remix 12" as well as "Set It Off II" in '87. With its stark groove, the original version was a masterful blend of early electro, house and techno styles. Still, I quite enjoy the single as it evolved over the next several Jus Born releases.

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Strafe aka Steve Standard still performs in NYC to this day. The late great Walter Gibbons (pictured above) died in 1994 and donated his massive record collection to an SF based aids charity where it was auctioned off. Many pieces of his collection are still floating around the Bay Area.

Strafe - Set It Off

Harleqiun 4's - Set It Off

Strafe - Set It Off (1986 Remix)

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Disco Fizzzzzzzzzzzz  

This is one of my favorite italo records. It was released on Vedette Records in 1979 with subsequent releases on Rams Horn and 1981 re-releases on Carrere and CNR. Azoto was first known as "Lucrethia And The Azoto 14,008." Azoto was produced by Celso Valli, who produced and arranged many italo classics such as personal favorites: Self Control by RAF and Walking in the Neon by Peter Richard.

This five cut record has no fewer than four classic italo tracks. All the tracks except Exalt, Exalt share a space disco meets traditional folk music sound that is a magical combination. San Salvador warps Bee Gees-esque falceto, protohouse piano, and gypsy folk into a peak hour disco masterpeice. Exalt, Exalt is just simply brilliant with a dark minimal sound and perfectly placed accents. The tune was way ahead of its time and set the stage for mid 80's italo electro.

Azoto - San Salvador (12")
Azoto - Exalt, Exalt

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