Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Love You So Much  

Some of my peers are really quick to right off the years after 1984 saying that the music was basically dead. I used to be one of those naive few so I can't talk shit but as I continued to dig and find quality tracks in the later 80's that are fucking amazing. This track is one of those tracks! This LP on K-Star titled "I Love You So Much" by George Butts is a really good example of  the creativity that was coming out of the United States once funk started to take a back seat to hip-hop/rap/whatever. I wish I could say that the rest of the album had a similar sound to the title track but it is mainly jazz filler as he is a saxophonist. He currently resides in Orange County and still tours actively. You can probably grab this sealed for between $50-100 but there have been copies popping on eBay lately for less. Play this song loud and watch your ears bust a few nuts!

George Butts-I Love You So Much

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beat Electric Ben's Mix  

While listening to Black Shag's incredible Uptown Express mix I realized that since being invited to contribute to Beat Electric back in June 2011 I haven't contributed a mix. On Sunday I grabbed a bunch of records that had been kicking around in my dj boxes and threw this together.  Ranges from some common dollar bin stuff to not so common.  I included a couple gospel boogie tracks to make up for blasting the hifi while a neighboring church was in session.

November 2012 Beat Electric Mix

Live Band - A Chance For Hope
Phase II - Follow Me
United Voice Players - Disco 5000 pt. II
J.D. Hall - Freak On Down
Risan - Eastern Palace Pt. 2
O'mar - Satisfaction
Warren G. Burris ft. Michell - I've Got It
Conway Brothers - Raise The Roof (Instrumental)
Azar Lawrence - Keep It Hot
9th Creation - Maybe
Kenny Smith - Holding On
Black Ivory - Hold On Tight
Chad - Voluptuous
TFO - Friend Of Mine
Junie Morrison - Jarr The Ground
Clockwork - I'm Your Candy Girl (Instrumental)
Funk Deluxe - Part Time Lover
Chas - I'm Going To Give You All Of Me
Lee Moore - Do You Feel Like A Party
Brian & Zan - Pump Your Body
Candye - Lover Boy
Ronnie Diamond & Nu Ohio Players - Playgirl
Rashawn - You're The One
Mint Cookie - Sweet Things to "G"

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Sunday, November 04, 2012


As far as uptempo gospel boogie goes, I think this is pretty much the alpha and omega of all things. Sanctuary's 'I Am Going To Love Him' is of course written about Jesus, and whomever wrote it obviously felt strongly about the subject matter as the track bangs and is without doubt the best record the ever spotty Montage label put out. In fact I can't think of another good one, maybe that French language cover of Billy Jean as a ten million mile away second place. Tom Browne is the only notable on this cut, his solo lp cut sampled by Coolio or someone from that era, which must have been nice, lucky fellow. He never made much of his solo career but was one of the stand out session guitarists on the circuit, and I think his rhythm part on this is one of his best.

Sanctuary - I'am Going To Love Him (Vocal)
Sanctuary - I'am Going To Love Him (Instrumental)

I'm also putting up a 320kps version of a mix I did for Ulysses32's radio show, Uptown Express, back in March..

The BlackShag - Uptown Express Guest Mix

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