Monday, September 26, 2011

Philly World Records  

Someone managed to plunder the master tape's of Philadelphia's Philly World Record's Alpha Studios and help themselves to all the choice instrumentals of their uptempo boogie numbers. Much respect, and thank you. You needn't book me for a DJ gig ever again, just play these off your laptop, sway in a gentle yet off balance motion out of time with the music, don't dress well and frown a lot, the experience will be the same as a BlackShag DJ set if not better, as your laptop won't trainwreck and blame it on the way the last DJ balanced the needles..

Taken down at the request of the rights holders, who were very nice about it. Sorry folks.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

garage house  

Here is a 1984 house classic in its 1985 special longer remix form. "You Don't Know" was produced by Paul Simpson and still sounds excellent today. As a bonus I'll throw in this garage flavored extended Shep Pettibone mix from Instant Funk.

If you are in the Sacramento area tonight I'll be playing records at The Press Club for a new weekly party, "FFFreak". Come hang out and dance to '80s music!

Serious Intention - You Don't Know (special remix)
Instant Funk - (Just Because) You'll Be Mine (Extended Club Mix)

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Saturday, September 17, 2011


I don't put up much italo, but this came up in a box of US r'n'b and disco recently and despite the rarity of any european pressed italo of note appearing in a dollar bin out in California (doesn't really happen that often), I thought the instrumental of Gazebo's 'Masterpiece' had a dark electro rhythm and a melancholy, wistful sort of feel to it that appeals to me, so I'll throw it on the BE.

Now, for all this instrumental's great qualities, the parts of the arrangement I like are spread sparsely amongst some sort of epic piano and atypical italo cheeseball bits, it comes with the territory. Its well worth listening through all 13 minutes, it gets deep and electro percussion heavy in the last couple but to many a modern DJ's tastes it could perhaps benefit from an edit, I don't have time for that, the producer wrote it this way for a reason and there are only so many hours in the day, so one of you should edit this up, stick it up on your soundcloud with your name all over it and be a hero.

Gazebo - Masterpiece (Instrumental)

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Saturday, September 03, 2011

We wanna play for all you fooz  

Here is a tight disco boogie jam especially for you. Have a great Labor Day weekend if you are one of the few that is employed; otherwise, enjoy vacation and the free tune.

Brief Encounter - We Want To Play

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