Sunday, March 20, 2011


Italian bassist and songwriter Davide Romani played and produced tracks for such greats as Change, High Fashion, BB&Q Band, Peter Jacques Band. Traveling between New York and Milan throughout the early mid eighties to use American session musician's in Goody Music's Italo styled productions.

Island And Holiday's 'Living' appeared as a Davide Romani solo produced B side to the forgettable 'In The Summer Time', a soft synth disco remake of We Are All Going On A Summer Holiday. It borrows some of the themes from the A side, but cuts out all the whack parts and turns it into a rolling Italo Funk instrumental.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hey Foo!  

It was just this last weekend that your Beat Electricians got together to pay tribute to none other than the original corvette driving, San Francisco, white bread, master of the turntables and slayer of the ladies, Cameron Paul. Tim Sweeny was even hallucinating from the experience. Dogtones from Laserfunk and I were playing a gig a couple of weeks ago and met a guy named Raul who built a special antenna so that he could receive Cameron Paul broadcasts from San Francisco all the way in Sacramento. Dogtones hooked us up with these mixes. We have hosted some of his janky jamz and even a janky megamix (mixed by yours truly), so click here for more. Also, here is another mix on the KMEL site.

Cameron Paul - Late Great 88
Cameron Paul - Mixx It Power Mix '87 Side A
Cameron Paul - KMEL Megamix

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Here is a semi-rare B-side from FLOS (Former Ladies of Supremes) released on Hollywood, California based Superstar International Records. I came across this one thrifting and it struck me because not only was it the trio of Scherrie Payne, Joyce Vincent and Lynda Laurence doing their best to make a comeback 10 years after Diana Ross split up The Supremes but it was also a fairly tight cut especially for the advanced year of 1987. Of course I had to do a little editing on this one, there was no way the producers were not gonna throw in a really wack 80's sax solo. Here ya go:

FLOS - Get-Away (Magnum Edit)

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