Saturday, August 30, 2014

Carol Williams  

 Carol Williams was the first female solo artist on Salsoul, she had a handful of singles that did pretty well through the 80's and has spent the past twenty years or so on the disco revue circuit, doing throwback parties and oldschool themed events at casinos and the like.

 Her biggest underground hit, Can't Get Away (From Your Love), gets a lot of CD compilation and internet love, and rightly so as its one of the best, but the 12" single is getting a little harder to come by and I haven't seen the instrumental around anywhere so I'm putting that up, and as an added bonus a couple of her heavier unreleased tunes from a series of sessions she did in 1983.

Carol Williams - Can't Get Away (Instrumental)
Carol Williams - 60 Yard
Carol Williams - Have You For My Love
Carol Williams - I'll Do Anything

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

I'm Not Going To Let You Go  

  We've covered Bay-Area-transplant-by-way-of-Ghana Rim Kwaku Obeng before on Beat Electric. His self-released recorded output produced two highly sweated LPs, Rim Arrives and Too Tough. As far as I know there is just one other Rim record other than the mediocre International Funk 12" also mentioned in Black Shag's post, fortunately it's from 1983 and very high quality.
  I first found this 12" in a Santa Cruz thrift store several years ago. I kept putting it in my record bag and never working it into sets due to the higher tempo and slightly odd arrangement of the track. Frustrated, I eventually traded it to another collector. As these things go I heard the track again much later in a mix and began to regret letting it go. As luck would have it I wound up finding another copy last week on the way to a gig and alerted Black Shag who demanded to hear it. When Black Shag asks you for an mp3 you'd better deliver.

  Rim And The Believers - I'm Not Going To Let You Go

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