Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Here is an obscure g-funk gem from Little Rock, AR from an unknown year, presumably early eighties.  This track has a classic mellow slower kick-clap groove. Hang on for one of the greatest breakdowns ever with soaring Junie Morrison style synth whine. Big thank you to Eddy Funkster for hooking me up with this rare 45.

Future - Girl

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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Don't Give Up  

 This was a weird score to make in backwoods Northern California, a rare'ish UK boogie 12" that I would have thought would have been limited to those lucky enough to come across it in an East London charity shop or hanging up on a record store wall in plastic, priced in euros somewhere, but who am I to argue with divine providence, I'll take it.

 Claudia put out a couple of funk singles on the Ilford, Essex based Rhythmic Records, an obscure new wave punk label run by the members of British industrial band Portion Control. I had heard Don't Give Up (Your Love) before on some mixtape and its around on the internet, but hadn't heard the more electro sounding B side, Do You Wanna Dance With Me, before anywhere, so it might be it's first appearance on digital, who knows.

Claudia - Don't Give Up (Your Love)
Claudia - Do You Wanna Dance With Me

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