Friday, June 20, 2014

Muzak Superior  

Intro was the name of a short lived project fronted by underground(ish) new wavey electro singer Jacqui Brookes. For this post I was going to use a picture of an old boom box with a guy dressed as a robot octopus breakdancing around it, as is standard around here, but I looked Jacqui up on google and found this press shot of her and decided it was way better than a body popping octopus.

This is the dub of their single Lost Without Your Love, I found it in a box over the weekend.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Out Of Control  

Meshay’s Out Of Control was released by Dion Entertainment out of Los Angeles CA in the later years of Boogie in 1985. Although her release  ‘Sex Toy’ on Jam -Kru Records will stack your bank account a little higher, I feel like this cut is a little bit more of an accurate representation of the Beat Electric sound, and aesthetic. There’s also a interesting spanish version ‘Fuera De Control that accompanies this instrumental on the B-side with spanish lyrics by Vivian Padilla. Solid!

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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Spend My Life With You  

Goldie Alexander is an Australian author, well known around Melbourne for her murder mysteries, and her ability to fictionalize difficult subjects from her native country's past into stories from children.

According to my internet research, which is detailed and authoritative, at some point in her career she went to Canada to become a black soul singer in the disco scene there and put out a handful of records, including a super tight e.p that includes that has this sought after jam on the B side, before abruptly disappearing from musical history and reentering the literary world of Australian short stories.

Goldie Alexander - Spend My Life With You

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