Monday, November 24, 2014

For Ladies Only  

Not much is known about the foxy Merrilyn Fox other than this and the 12" of the same name are her only releases on Shiva Records. My comrade Dogtones, while searching for a copy of this for himself, did find an 80's Belgian porno mag with her in it. Unfortunately he did not purchase it and now who knows who is wanking it to nudes of Merrilyn Fox! This record is my jam , although the lyrics are very hard to understand due to her accent the synth game is strong. After countless listens, I have been able to deduce what this song is about. Basically, she plans on going to a show with her guy friend, they get dinner and some wine and its all good. He makes some moves on her and she isn't having it so she takes him to a club for ladies only and straight up friend zones him. Then the sweet synth kicks in and you're like what the fuck did I just listen to!? I still don't know if this track is about lesbians but if anyone can decipher the exact lyrics that would be awesome. 

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