Sunday, February 27, 2011

Put Our Heads Together  

Bass session wizard and unsung synth funk producer Kenni Burke produced this instrumental as a backing for The O'Jays uptempo philly style harmonies. The O'Jays scored a minor radio hit with the vocal version of this track, but it's Kenni's synth work that makes this stand out. Seek out any of Kenni Burke's self produced albums, and also keep an eye out for a couple of much rarer singles produced by his brother, Cubi Burke, who is probably deserving of his own post if I can ever find the wax.

O'Jays, The - Put Our Heads Together (Instrumental)

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Black Soul  

Black Soul was a disco group from Dakar Senegal on the West Coast of Africa. This cut comes from a 1977 record on Beam Junction Records out of New York. I love the whole LP. It is an early Tom Moulton mix which explains its fat disco stomp. Speaking of, my new phono stage doesn't have a lot of gain, so a lot of the tracks I have been posting are a bit quiet. How do I get more input gain than the slider gives me in Logic?

Black Soul - Africa Africa

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Doggie Boogie  

Here is a funky jam off a 1983 Strut Records 12" by Charles Earland. The drum programming reminds me of proto garage tunes from the same era. The vocal versions on this 12" are pretty weak, but I like this one up until the guitar and sax solos make it whack.

Also, I have a funky modern soul number from 1982 by Fredi Grace and Rhinestone I picked up in Sacramento a couple of weeks ago.

Charles Earland - (It's A) Doggie Boogie Baby (Instrumental)
Fredi Grace and Rhinestone - Help

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Beat Electric Janky Record Cleaning Contraption  

The most difficult part about getting a good rip is having a clean record. Using a $500 cartridge to clear out the grooves is endlessly frustrating. I have had most of the parts to assemble this record cleaning machine for over a year. I had procrastinated building a vacuum attachment like this; but found the perfect solution at the hardware store when I was looking for something else.

Here is what you need:

Shop Vac (this one is 3HP)
Shop Vac detail brush kit
Dry Brush
Nitty Gritty Wet Brush
Record Clamp (optional)
Record washing fluid (make your own like I do or buy it)

There is a record washing fluid recipe in the link. I have access to a lab, so I am able to buy reagent grade water and isoproponol. I bought the surfactant from a photo supply place online.

Here is a cool rare lazer soul record I picked up in Denver. It is from Detroit and was released in 1988. It sounds more like 1984. I love the synth work and the production. Almost ever track is good on this LP and there is even a slow jam that makes me a little frisky.

Dennis Paul & Apossa' - Who's Lovin' You?
Dennis Paul & Apossa' - Can't Get Enough

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Monday, February 07, 2011

The Buddy System  

*Beneath all this text is a mix of some of the rarest black music you have ever heard. Some of it digitized for the first time. But please, keep reading.*

Funk, boogie and soul record collecting elite are rallying to help Aaron 'Breakself' Anderson, renowned Detroit digger, and founder of one of the USA's most famous nights, the Ann Arbor Social Club, in his fight against brain cancer.

I had the chance to meet Aaron a couple of summers ago during one of his visits to San Francisco, through his collaborator and friend, the bay area's own Deejay Om. I collect a few dance 12's here and there, but Aaron and Om play in a tier above, having over the years unearthed Michigan scene 45's that go on to trade for more than collective worth of my crates, be it to northern soul obsessive middle aged businessmen in Scotland, or a funk collecting oil industry millionaire in downtown Manhattan (no joke). And its some of these records, from Breakself's own shelves, that Om has used to create this exclusive mix, in the hopes of raising some money and awareness to help his best friend Aaron out.

I'll let Om explain in his own words:

Sometimes bad things happen to good people, this is all so true with my best friend Aaron Anderson who is currently dealing with brain cancer. A crushing blow to all those who know and love Aaron, and there are many, because upon meeting him you instantly feel as though you’ve known him, or want to, and that he truly cares about anyone and everyone he meets. I’ve not met anyone like him and doubt that I will for a very long time, this seems to be true of others too. A man of his word, someone who that if he has a penny in his pocket he would gladly offer to someone less fortunate, a person who cares about others and truly takes time to listen; and now it’s our turn to listen and our turn to give him that penny that he needs.

I met Aaron about 12 years ago, and instantly felt as though I’d met my best friend, our personalities, albeit quite different, seemed to mesh, and we both had a deep passion for music, meditation, buddhism and records. Aaron cites me as his mentor when it comes to Soul/Funk music, a title I humbly accept. He was like a sponge that seemed to be nowhere near capacity, and his thirst for knowledge was unparalleled. He was living in Ann Arbor and I in San Francisco, we’d sit for hours on the phone talking about life and records, and I would constantly play him things I had recently gotten or already had. At a time when others ridiculed me for liking Boogie, Disco, and Modern Soul Aaron was one of the few people who actually listened and grew to enjoy and understand where I was coming from...but, that’s Aaron for you, always with an open mind and heart.

We began this project quite some time ago, Aaron (aka Breakself) had been diagnosed with brain cancer while in school at Stanford and he began to bring records over to my house to seemed endless the amount of ridiculously dope, and rare records he had; the “student” truly has become my teacher, and for that I am grateful...I have learned so much from him, and continue to learn more every time I speak with him. I (Deejay OM), did all the mixing and only supplied a couple of the records, my intent was to show our relationship through music, and I hope that you too can appreciate and enjoy the aptly titled “The Buddy System”.

Although I think of Aaron more as a little brother than just my best friend, had we been in kindergarden together I have no doubt he would have been the one whom I turned to when the teacher told us to “pick a buddy” for field-trips, projects, or anything that needed a dynamic duo. It pains me to see him dealing with brain cancer, and I’m constantly impressed with and admire his ability to stay positive and to look forward, not back. He’s not just my friend, but a shining beacon to the world, and I’m sure that if you met him in person you’d be happy that you gave your donation to such a great person. Cancer medicine is ridiculously expensive ($1000 per chemo pill, and “Avastan” treatments which cost $45,000 per month), and I can only hope that this mix inspires you to help out...donations of $10 or more will receive a high quality version of the mix, and receive another mix I’m working on....this mix is free, but I hope you find it in your heart to help Aaron.

Download: DeejayOm & Breakself - The Buddy System

Deejay OM:
Artwork by ElekTro4 for Resource Room Production:

more mixes from OM:

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Can You Guess What Groove This Is?  

Here is an early one from future New Order producer Arthur Baker. He would have produced this roller boogie mover sometime in his early twenties, and it features his wife on vocals Tina Klein Baker, later to become freestyle star Tina B.

This one came out on the always upbeat and choice Posse Records, I'm sure he also produced the Ritz 12" whose name I cannot remember on Posse a year or so later that everyone sweats. After this point in his career me and Arthur Baker's tastes diverge a little, but these early outings behind the boards at such a young age hint at what a power house behind the boards he was set to become.

Glory - Can You Guess What Groove This Is?

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