Monday, October 29, 2012

Eighties Ladies  

I know it's passe to still rep Roy Ayers in 2012, but this one still sounds fresh and is one of his harder to find releases. Eighties Ladies was a one off project on Roy Ayers' Uno Melodic label featuring vocals from Sylvia Striplin, Susan Beaubian, Marva Hicks, Vivian Prince, and Denie Corbett. Edwin Birdsong contributed to the production. Definitely a top set of disco funk, here are a couple of my favorite tracks. Hope Soulie likes this one.

Eighties Ladies - Tell Him
Eighties Ladies - It's Easy To Move

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tom Hooker  

 Continuing on the Italo Funk theme with one of my favorites, Tom Hooker. Tom was an American who happened to grow up in central Europe, he was discovered in Italy in the early 80's by some record producers who aided him in forming a career in Italian pop music that lasted until the early 90's, when he eventually returned to the US, got married and changed his name so that his wife could avoid being called 'Mrs. Hooker'. Those in the LA abstract photography scene may know him better as Tom Barbey, you can see some of his work here.

 Tom is also somewhat of a champ, and if I by some divine grace or good fortune I live to see my middle age, I wish to be just like him. He's looking great, and has decided to revive his italo pop career, has a couple of new videos, and whats more has kicked off a beef with Italo contemporary Den Harrow, a bozo that to this day still lip syncs over the legend Tom Hooker's songs in eastern European shopping malls and claims them as his own. Check Tom calling homey out in this video.. 

Tom Hooker - Come Back Home (Vocal)
Tom Hooker - Come Back Home (Instrumental)

Tom Hooker - Talk With Your Body (Vocal)
Tom Hooker - Talk With Your Body (Instrumental)

Tom Hooker - Indian Girl

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Ago was a long running Italo project based around the voice and long haired, gothy porn star image of Agostino Presta, veering into soft pop rock as the 80's wore on, but rooted in the Italo funk sound during the early part of the decade.

Lots of top synthy Italo producers spread across the Ago singles, but the first couple of releases had the Cavalieri brothers working the keys and as such are stand outs.

I'm putting up two cuts from 'For You' the first album, as well as an instrumental from their first (and I think only?) US single release:

Ago - Trying Over
Ago - For You
Ago - You Make Me Do It (Instrumental)

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Your Key Fits  

I found this record recently while digging through a box of sleeveless 45s. The classic generic label stock with pink to white gradient caught my eye. Fortunately I dropped to needle to find this haunting and mellow seductive funk track rather than some rap or freestyle shrapnel. This is a quality California indie production from on of the best years for funk: 1987. There is an earlier release of this track from 1984 by Laurie Roberts, maybe someone with the 12" can tell me if that version is different (as far as I can tell from the shit quality youtube videos out there it is the same).

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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I'll Get To That  

This one is a sought after 'slapper' in the Orange County low rider funk scene, but the 45 actually originates from Memphis, where Tom Sanders recently re-emerged, reviving his long running James Brown tribute act and a new CD, with Johnny Scott, the same producer and deep south TV personality that worked with him on these indie funk jams back in the early eighties..

 Check out this interview that was published just a month ago in a smalltime local Tennessee rag (click to read)..  

"Remembered for his pioneering television program – "The Johnny Scott Show" on WREG – back in the day, Scott had hung up his microphone and was operating his own small label, Portra Records, when he found Sanders at a nightclub in Brownsville. After finding they were compatible, the two decided to collaborate and released a string of singles." 

Tom Sanders - I'll Get To That

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