Sunday, March 30, 2014

I'm Stepping Out Tonight  

 Even back when we started BeatElectric it was already sort of difficult to post something new to the internet, that is to say something you couldn't already hear on youtube, another blog or maybe some weird file dump aggregator site in France. Not that that was ever our primary objective, it was more about the quality of the rip and ease of download for laptop DJ's, but you know, its a cool feeling when you know something is completely fresh. These days though, its near impossible, I haven't done it in a while, even if the tune is complete garbage its already out there somewhere to listen to, and thats a great thing, as it means so much more weird music now accessible. Yet still, sometimes its nice to be first.

 Anyway, I was walking down 24th St, which is a strip in San Francisco's Mission district that has been a little more resilient to gentrification, there are still some new restaurants and coffee shops opening up along there of course, full of tech workers (such as myself) but there are also still the traditional residents, working class Latino families making a living.

 This older Mexican guy in wife beater had some random stuff for sale on a blanket on the sidewalk. A toaster oven, a sony walkman, a corkscrew and some records. I flipped through the Polka LP's that usually turn up on the streets of this part of Mission, and suddenly I saw some hombre's in jumpsuits and afros, it was definitely an indie Tejano Polka record, produced by a small label in South Texas, but there was a single track listed that had an English title, Stepping Out Tonight, so perhaps a song about partying, and a credit for someone named Pedro Gonzalez who performed synth duty on it. Maybe there was a stand alone disco track on this among all the accordion music.

 I offered homey a dollar, and he spat "No way! where else you gonna find this record right now!? This old school right here!" , to which I bravely responded "who else is gonna buy this record right now? Eh!? Today's your lucky day, I'm going to give you a dollar for it." .. how about that razor sharp wit, I had only just spent twice that amount on a coffee, and here this guy was trying to eek a living selling used toasters off of a blanket .. anyway, I didn't win, he scratched under his armpit, looked at me unwavering like the piece of shit I was and I gave him two bucks.

And it turns out it was a disco track..

Little Joe & La Familia - I'm Stepping Out Tonight 

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Slip Away  

 Skool Boyz started off with three singles on the Destiny label out of Los Angeles California in the early 1980's. After their short run at Destiny they found themselves working out a deal with Crossroads Entertainment where they released "Before You Go" and, "Breaking Out". The relationship with Crossroads quickly fizzled which might have been a blessing in disguise, because Columbia Records came knocking soon after. 

 'Slip Away' was released in 1984 as the first of four singles on Columbia. 

Test the sound system at your next gig with this one, or just dance to it in your bedroom while you’re getting ready to go out to your favorite weekly funk/boogie club. Either way, it’s a serious jam!

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Dream Girl  

  Detroit has provided an incredible wealth of black dance music to the world. We've posted a number of tracks from Motor City here on Beat Electric, here is yet another to attempt to chip away at the endless musical output of this city. Cookie Do is a one-off artist as far as I know with production from Danny Omar, who also worked with Detroit super group The Spinners and has guitar, songwriting, and special thank you credit on some of their late '70s to '80s LPs. Dream Girl features somewhat cheesy rap style vocals on the A-side, the instrumental is my favorite mix and really delivers the goods with a loose minimal funk groove over a basic shuffling drum machine pattern.

  Cookie Do - Dream Girl (inst)

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Thursday, March 13, 2014


I always instantly think of 'Reach Up' and 'Love So Deep' when I hear the name Toney Lee. I came across 'Teaser' not too long ago while on my seven day hunting expedition. Written and Produced by Richard Bassoff, and Nick Braddy who brought you 'The Party Side Of Town' performed by Essence III, 'Take A Risk' performed by Empress, and Tracey Weber's 'Sure Shot'.

Not the rarest, or most expensive record, but a solid synth workout, with the perfect touch of cowbell, piano, and the background vocal telling you to "take your time".

Toney Lee - Teaser (Instrumental)

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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Make Life Worth Living  

Mac Thornhill is still in the game, producing records from his home base in Quebec. During the 80's he was probably one of the best r'n'b vocalists to come out of Canada and a couple of his really early records can fetch some coin, including this second or third single, Make Life Worth Living, which has a sweet instrumental side. I only thought of this after somebody offered me an overpriced copy of his track 'Boogie Fire', which I passed on as the dealer was out of his mind. One day I'll get it.

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