Saturday, July 20, 2013


 Digging in San Francisco means dredging through a lot of shit Hi NRG records, I have accidentally bought so many in the belief that they were something else that I have actually developed a taste for it. I consider myself a Hi NRG connoisseur, like eating food in prison after at some point during your ten year bid your palette changes as a survival response.

 That being said, San Francisco DJ's in decades past would also pick up more Italo records than most of their contemporaries in other West Coast cities at the time, the boys in the clubs and bath houses liked that sound, and from time to time when I look through collections here in the Castro district where I live, amongst the Barbara Streisand singles, next to 20 copies of Karen Young's Hot Shot, I will come up.

 Yesterday I found a clutch of cheese euro disco, electro and italo records that were all marked on the labels as belonging to 'Levi', I couldn't find a historical documented account of there being a significant DJ named Levi in San Francisco in the very early eighties, but if you know different please leave a comment. From the bunch I liked this instrumental of Freedom by Thanya the most, there are some good bass elements in the vocal version that are missing in the instrumental, but the vocal itself is a little harsh, can't have everything..

Thanya - Freedom (Instrumental)

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