Friday, August 09, 2013

Your My Last Chance  

 Here is a dollar bin secret weapon dub that in some alternate reality I use to vanquish and smite my enemies, sending fronting nineties revivalists to the mead halls of Valhalla to sing tales of my greatness. But, seeing as that doesn't really happen, you can have it.

 Manchester Brit funk act 52nd Street have some good instrumentals, but this 1986 B side I think is their best. It marks the first UK effort at the still young 'Haunted House' genre, partly inspired by the glut of 80's straight to VHS gore flicks of the time but probably mostly inspired by the heroic amounts of loot Thriller made earlier in the decade. This vocal on this one has some lyrics about have amnesia and being really scared and the dub keeps some of the screams and spooky key stabs here and there, but you can barely tell, it actually gives it some flavor.

52nd Street - You're My Last Chance (Reprieved Dub)

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