Monday, October 25, 2010

Looking Good  

 I usually like to give a bit of background on a record, but sometimes there just isn't much to go on. Looking Good was a release by Benton Baptist on Kalico records, what would become a short lived Soca and reggae label, probably owned by keyboard session player Dexter Daley. Maybe someone who was part of the Brooklyn Caribbean community back in the early eighties would know more. I have never come across another record by Benton Baptist, I suspect he was a member of the reggae scene that crossed over into the New York funk scene now and again like Denroy Morgan or similar. Anyhow, thats just a long winded way of me saying I don't know much about this cut, other than its a synth'y monster on lots of wants lists, and for those who may have heard the vocal version here and there I'm putting up the instrumental as well. 

Benton Baptist - Looking Good

Benton Baptist - Looking Good (instrumental)

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