Friday, October 29, 2010

Haunted House  

Ahh, Halloween. A perenial favorite holiday for all the pagen atheist devil worshippers out there. Although we do not experience the eerie fall weather in Southern California, people get really into Halloween down here. I found myself at a theme park 2 nights ago being chased around for hours by all sorts of demon nerds and dungeonmasters fresh out of Comicon. Good times.

Our associate Safety Scissors posted The Jacking Zone by Risque Rythum Team a few years back. It's a quintessential "Haunted House" cut flanked by a killer 808 cowbell and a spooky analog synthline. I am re posting The Jacking Zone along with the rest of the incredible Rysque Rythum EP from 1986. Now I am sure I could have dredged up something a little scarier, but my friend Steven coined this term a couple years back after hearing this cut for the first time and I have been itching to share the concept ever since.

BE logo designer and fellow wizard Xosar designed the above image for me as a nice Halloween gesture today. Go to her website and check out the insane design work and her ever evolving musical skillz.

Risque Rythum Team - Risque Rythum
Risque Rythum Team - 122 House
Risque Rythum Team - That's The Beat
Risque Rythum Team - The Jacking Zone

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