Thursday, December 20, 2007

Larry Levan  

The very recent passing of West End Records founder and Paradise Garage backer Mel Cheren causes me slightly less to reflect upon Mel's legacy and
more so upon genius DJ/Producer Larry Levan's. Larry was the resident DJ at Mel's infamous nightclub and handled a good amount of the 12" mixes for the West End label. In the 80's Larry went on to work the mixing boards for a plethora of artists on a wide range of Disco labels including Salsoul and his own Garage Records imprint. Larry had an incredible knack for making a good track brilliant or taking an already stellar track and sending it completely over the top. His sensibilities ran heavily on the more black end of the disco spectrum as he would always eliminate any cheesy elements in a given arrangement and make sure the track was a sure fire dance floor banger. Much has been documented about Larry Levan's life and legacy, so I will pretty much let the music speak for itself. Larry passed away in 1992, but undoubtedly his legacy and contribution to dance music will live on throughout the ages.

mp3: David Joseph- "You Can't Hide Your Love" (Larry L
evan Mix)

mp3: Tracy Weber- "Sure Shot" (Larry Levan Mix)

mp3: Plunky & Oneness of Juju- "Every Way But Loose" (Larry Levan Mix)

mp3: Syreeta - "Can't Shake Your Love" (Larry levan Mix)

mp3: Loose Joints- "Is It All Over My Face" (Larry Levan Mix)

mp3: Strikers- "Body Music" (Larry Levan Mix)

mp3: Grace Jones- "Pull Up To The Bumper" (Larry Levan Mix)

mp3: Gwen Guthrie: Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent (Larry Levan Club Mix)

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