Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lazer Soul  

Lakeside originally hailed from Dayton, Ohio and were considered one of the best live disco/funk acts of the era. The 9 piece band formed as The Young Underground in 1969 and while living in Chicago were for a time signed to Curtom Records. The band changed their name to Lakeside, relocated to LA in the late 70's and signed to The Sound of Los Angeles Records. They scored their biggest hit in 1981 with the ubiquitous "Fantastic Voyage". Sometimes they even went to the trouble of playing their live shows in a pirate ship:

Enough about "Fantastic Voyage" My favorite Jam was "We Want You on The Floor". The track didn't go very far as a single, but was a wonderful addition to a sound our man LeBaron coined as "Lazer Soul" For another reference to this genre see the Beat Electric entry for BT Express "Taking Off". The land of funk:

mp3: Lakeside- "We Want You On The Floor"

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