Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Burnin' Up  

Here is a rare female-produced funk song from Jackki Milligan. "Got Me Burnin' Up" has an all star lineup of musicians including Latin percussionist Willie Bobo, jazz-funk guitarist David T. Walker, and Darryl Roberts from Mighty Fire on synthesizer. Synth work on this record is especially great with nice bass line and the perfect hook. Jakki also released an earlier 7" version that is more rare. I prefer the harder synth funk approach of the 12", though the 7" is still great and would appeal to modern soul fans. Apparently Jakki realized she had a hit on her hands and assembled a great crew to re-record an updated more club friendly version. I'm glad she did. This record also has the distinction of having the most exhaustive musician credits on the label of any I've encountered with the majority of its real estate devoted to text.

Jakki - Got Me Burnin Up

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