Monday, June 11, 2012


 Some euro trash in fluorescent green sunglasses surprised me by asking me about this record during our head to head poolside DJ set vs the Funkmosphere crew this weekend. His thick continental accent formed itself awkwardly around the California hip jive he had picked up so far on holiday, as he either asked me what I was playing, or why I was playing it. I couldn't quite penetrate the quasi Italian rap speak, so I chose to hear what I wanted to hear and told the poor fun loving soul everything I knew about The Batiste Band, which isn't much..

 Starlite was an early (perhaps first) self released 7" by the locally rated New Orlean deep funk act, they would go on to make a highly regarded a hard to find disco funk EP in the early eighties and would release a couple more electro funk 7"s on their own label all the way up until 1985, all on their own Dynasty Records imprint, mostly sold at their live shows on the deep south's soul circuit. This is the instrumental side, it has a touch of the starsky & hutch to it but the breakdowns are epic, slightly psychedelic and I very lament that this is the only 7" of theirs that I have. I wish I knew where I got it from..

Starlite - Batiste Band 

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