Friday, March 09, 2012

UPTOWN EXPRESS - EPISODE Ocho: Fibonacci Nights  

 I made a guest mix for Ulysses82's London based radio show, Uptown Express. You have to listen to me stumble through a long winded story about how Carmen's Time To Move re-issue came about for about 10 minutes, but now the show is up on soundcloud you can use technology to forward past my enlightened conversation at any point you feel your frontal lobes were about to suffer damage and get straight to listening to me stumble through a DJ set instead.

 At the time I made a bold statement on air that I would gift a copy of the Time To Move re-issue as well as an original copy of Carmen's 1985 track  Throw Down  on 7" to anyone who can spot 7 of tracks from the mix, a decision which I hadn't really thought through at the time and sort of regret, but whats done is done.

Leave a comment on their soundcloud or whatever.

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