Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Don't Quit  

Who knew that the internet was faster in Mexico than it is from BeatElectric's Los Angeles nihilist commune? although perhaps the ever frugal B.T Magnum was always getting his DSL from Mexico due to the weak peso and the lag was simply due to LA county's distance from the border. If you don't see him post on the blog for weeks at a time, its not because he doesn't have the records or the motivation, its simply because he is waiting for the mp3 to upload.

A local cartel boss has offered to hook me up with some Central American psych breaks, but I came home from the club last night and stupidly drank unfiltered water directly from the tap and as a result don't think I'm going to be leaving the casa any time soon, but my digestive tract's loss is your gain as I'm going to post an uplifting underground NYC boogie tune, full of empowering self affirmations.

Cecil Gier's 1985 underground dancer 'Don't Quit' come's in a beautiful picture sleeve (that I was I had a picture of), of the lady herself in a sparkling sequenced dress looking determinedly at the camera. It would have been an expensive investment for such a small run private press, but they obviously had faith that the quality of the tune would take it somewhere, and rightly so (even though it wasn't to be). I think Cecil was a singer in a known New York female vocal group in the late seventies, but I can't remember their name as I'm sick and don't feel well. Anyhow, a box of sealed copies of this turned up a year or two ago and I managed to snag one. I recorded both sides before I left for south of the border as I hadn't seen the instrumental anywhere, so please enjoy and think of me whilst my intestine and the local bacteria do battle:

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