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TV Sounds Orchestra  

 TV Sounds Orchestra was the blanket name used for all of super producer Tony Valor's inhouse backing band and instrumental efforts. On the flip of many of Tony's hits throughout the seventies and early eighties you will find a dub credited to the TV Sounds Orchestra and this one comes off of the B side of Fantasy's 12" electro funk single 'Live The Life I love'.

 Tony Valor came up through the 60's Brooklyn music scene, first as a soul singer, then moving into engineering, production at the birth of the disco scene then eventually talent manager and label owner with TVI records and alongside Tom Moulton as one half of T'n'T records. I read somewhere he was a New York beat cop and music industry lawyer for a while too.  He is a savvy business leader and still produces and manages creative assets to this day. Here is a quote I liked from a 2003 Pedro Lopez interview with him I read on, giving his typical crotchety old seventies record executive take on the ever villainized modern evil..'sampling' (boo hiss, *shakes fist*)...

'This was a good opportunity to ask Tony Valor how he felt about sampling and he responded, "I’d rather people sample and pay the fee. There’s a singer in the U. K. named Rhianna with a song called "Oh Baby" which is fabulous. They did a whole thing from one of my 1958 records called "I Forgot About That / Latin Nights In Manhattan." They paid very nice and her record has done very well. I’d rather them do that than just copy. It gives you money and credit. Sampling to me is fine, the creativity of years ago-you can’t beat it. There are very few good musicians. With MIDI there is no need to be a good musician.'

TV Sounds Orchestra - Live The Life I Love (Instrumental)

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