Saturday, February 20, 2010

Its Heavy  

I finally unpacked my records, but managed to put each and every individual cable I needed to get the home rig set up in a separate box, as if I was, at the time of packing, playing a stupid joke on myself. It was quite funny, costing me a day of my stupid life. Look what I found though in the back of a an old microwave box marked as containing kitchen utensils, another New York scene synth classic.

It's Heavy! is the dub instrumental on the flip of Barbara Norris's Heavy Hitter, the vocal side of which I saw bootlegged in the UK or Belgium a couple of years ago, but the campy hi-nrg vocals don't do justice to the synth funk instrumental. I have no idea why the first couple of bars of my copy of the record sound so crackly and beaten, I remember it being pristine when I found it. Its probably just an indicator of how many times I have dropped this in a set, spilt beer on it, put an overweighted, thrashed club needle on it and enjoyed listening to it since first having the fortune of pulling it out of a crate in San Mateo:

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