Monday, September 14, 2009

Get Yo' Ass in Gear and Funkacise That Body  

Beat Electric is gonna let you in on a little secret. The human race is at a critical stage and the choices that you make can effect your DNA in the future. Many generations in the future your DNA will have no choice but to chose one of two subspecies. Your future seed can be the well endowed, built to conquer gracile species or human robustus; the hunched over goblin like fellow who fights by unleashing kitschy homosexual pornography on hotlinkers. Getting into an excercise routine is very difficult, especially since there are so many entertaining tweets to follow. I guess, what works best is to find an activity that you like to do. BT Magnum practices yoga in conjunction with tantric sex, Black Shag does biathalon on his Wii with a very heavy firearm, Kelley B roller skates with pompoms, Disco Tom plays dodge ball, Safety Scissors likes to fish, and I like to bowl with little people. However you do it, get your ass in gear and funkacise that body for the good of your future generations.

The Funkacise Gang - Funkacise
The Funkacise Gang - Funkacise (Instrumental)

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