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So I think I've decided that the grand masters of this boogie funk record digging scene aren't hip urban twenty/thirty somethings with blogs, or studious trainspotting bearded art school dropouts with DJ nights or jive talking beat producers, no, its none of them, its slightly overweight middle aged men in small cities in the UK, France, Holland and Belgium. These guys are on a while different level. Above is a picture I took in a record store the other day in the English urban metropolis of Norwich, the poster is for a night happening at a small pub this evening into the wee midnight hours of, well, 12am midnight. Look at the production values on that flyer. With a font and photocopy job like that you know its for real. The owner of the record store has promised me in his local dialect that he will school me hard, and I believe him, as all these country record dealers seem to have at some point seen or owned everything that the United States ever produced. Which explains why I never see any of it in the US.

Next Friday, the 7th, I will be representing the West Coast (and Norwich) at the Computer Boogie party at The Star in Bethnal Green, London. Check out the flyer on the side bar. I should be fresh from a digging excursion in Amsterdam, and I brought all vinyl, along with some cuts I haven't played out anywhere yet.

Ulysses82 are putting the party together, a production outfit from the UK who are known for their electro funk remixes and creative sampling. I really like them so I'm looking forward to hearing them play. I'm including a couple of their boogie reworks here, along with a southern scene UK underground classic, Light Of The World's 'Time'. Disco Tom was telling me that Kon or Amir played him the 7" of this one and told me to keep an eye out for it whilst I was here, so I will go one better and put up the 12". If you are from England and don't know Light Of The World, don't worry, they are still in business and are apparently available to play weddings, corporate events with either their own material, covers or a special George Benson tribute set.

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