Tuesday, July 07, 2009


My apologies in advance of this entry but I am taking a break from posting deep joints for a quick moment. I have to keep a few gems close to my chest or else I will have nothing to surprise people with when I get booked for another DJ gig sometime in this lifetime. So here we have a couple of damn fine dollar bin jams by the group Feel.

When The Players Association disintegrated in 1981, two of the main songwriters Chris Hills and Danny Weiss went on to form Feel. Compared to their previous project, Feel had more limited success on the Sutra label. Released in 1982 I'd Like To has a very similar vibe to Armenta's 1983 classic I Wanna Be With You. In fact, if you pitch one of these records up and the other one down a bit you might just have a seamless mix on your hands. I also put a rudimentary instrumental edit I threw together of the follow up single Let's Rock (Over and Over Again).

And yes, I know this is a picture of Shalamar but I doubt we will blog about them again anytime soon. Nonetheless, this picture is way too awesome and felt right for this post.

Feel - I'd Like To
Feel - Let's Rock (Instrumental Edit)

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