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We try and keep BeatElectric within fairly narrow context, turn of the 80's underground dance etc, but today I'm veering away from two reasons, firstly I love psychadelic music of all sorts, psych rock, psych soul, psych disco and secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the cleaner knocked over my turntable that I use to record and snapped the needle off my precious Dynavector 10x5 cartridge, so I can't record anything today, I'm just too heartbroken. As a result I'm putting up the live set from San Francisco's diggers OM and MAKossa's new international psych night with their kind permission.

This set varies from known Turkish seventies heavey groove classics, to bizzare eastern european private press funk rock that they wouldn't let me get a real look at. We walked in an were handed a pair of 3D glasses and watched to the musical backdrop as a three dimensional psychedelic sexploitation film was projected onto the walls, the storyline of which revolved around air hostesses (I think). Here is their sales pitch for the night and a little of what they have to say:

AFREAKA! is a monthly night of rare psychedelic beats and heavy grooves from around the globe combined with psychedelic and sexploitation cinema (often in 3D with 3D glasses provided) where DJs sychronize the music to match the visuals creating a surreal experience. AFREAKA! is free and occurs every first Wednesday of the month at the Attic in the Mission district of San Francisco. It is hosted by DJ MAKossa and Deejay OM with guests that specialize in rare psych records; a night exclusive to vinyl for an authentic psychedelic analog sound.

The Attic
3336 24th St. (between Mission and Valencia)
San Francisco, CA 94110

Be sure to check out the next one this Wednesday, April 1st.

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