Thursday, March 26, 2009

90% Of Me Is You  

Gwen McCrae started out singing in the Pentecostal Churches of Pensacola Florida. As a Pentecostal Minister, she was heavily involved in the Church and in Gospel music. However, as she transitioned from musical expressions of the Church into those of clubs and mainstream music, she put her religion aside. Gwen was of course married to T.K recording artist George McCrae. They met in 1963 whilst he was in the navy in Pensacola. Their rather rocky relationship is cited by Gwen as one of the reasons she wasn't propelled into success in her singing career. This song, "90% Of Me Is You", written by Clarence Reid (who wrote a great deal of the songs Gwen sang) and Inez Kitts, appears to speak to just that dynamic between Gwen and George. The song is taken off her 1975 album "Rocking Chair", an album with quite a few choice tracks. "Move Me Baby" and the title track "Rockin' Chair" are two along with "90% Of Me Is You" that make this album for me.

Gwen McCrae - 90% Of Me Is You

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