Wednesday, February 18, 2009


As Safety Scissors and myself sat down several hours ago to rip "What's In It For Me" by Zalmac we came to a very simple consensus. The vocal mix was too "vocal-y" and the instrumental mix (somewhat ironically) was missing the instrumental breakdown we both enjoyed on the A-side. So here it is. Produced in less time (and infinitely less effort) than this "edit" actually runs, this can not be clearly defined as an edit, but rather a cut and paste of the instrumental and the vocal breakdown section resulting in the ideal mix that just now sees the light of day. Neato!

The original 12" was released on the private TSOB imprint in 1982. An image of Zalmac's only full length LP entitled "Whatcha Gonna Do" is pictured above. I really need to add dude's sleeveless leather jacket to my collection stat.

Zalmac - What's In It For Me (Cut And Paste)

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