Friday, February 14, 2014

Blood From My Soul Pt. 2  

 Its that time of year again, and as is customary on Valentine's Day we break from normal programming to bring you a guest mix of deep, crusty, sweet soul 45's. This time, as a follow up to 2009's Blood From My Soul, San Francisco's finest exponent of the genre, Deejay OM, brings us Part 2 of his epic journey through the process of love, inevitable heart break and back again.. this from OM himself..

This mix represents a new point in my love life, a progression…it’s something that, for me, transcends just a “break-up mix”, and is more a philosophy of life…it’s patterned after that thought process and progression….after dealing with love lost and the eminent feelings, thoughts, and moves we make afterwards….and while this is a mix for people who could be alone on this valentine’s day….it also is for those who are with someone they love, or are missing them, or you’re just single and wanna enjoy good music. This mix will serve all of those purposes….but for me, it’s about me no longer wondering or looking for what I want, but actually pursuing that….and if I don’t find it, well then I guess I’ll just keep trying…because it’s true “Time Heals All Wounds”…and in the end, we’re usually better off after a break-up, or at least I often realize I am….but you can’t have the beauty without the pain, like love and loss they go hand in hand…and a hurt heart in the end can always heal, but overcoming that pain is what has made me a better man….now have a happy valentine’s day!!!

I hope this mix brings you as much as living through it has for me…..

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