Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bonk Combo  

 I was in the mountains for work over the weekend, there was some time to kill and I went by a record store in a south Lake Tahoe strip mall. Cool story. Anyhow, I dug through a lot of country music and the occasional psych rock piece (the Electric Prunes mono pressings, not bad) before I came across a few twelve inches. It was cold outside and I had already lost my shirt in the casino, so I decided to turn the store upside down whilst one of my co-workers questioned the guy behind the counter about how often he sold VHS tapes.

 This instrumental was on the back of a 1983 dark wavey pop single on Mango records by the German (I believe) Bonk Combo:

Bonk Combo - Car Jam (Electro Jazz Mix)

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