Tuesday, December 25, 2012


 I have the day at home so I took a little time to try and find something festive to record and put up on BE, but after listening to a couple of options I decided that was a bad idea and instead of putting up some garbage for the sake of it I will put up a thrift store score from my walk up Haight Street's record store strip yesterday.

 Captain Sky doesn't really need much talking up, his steez epitomizes everything I love about the era, he wore a sparkly silver cape, had a super hero persona and his funky proto-rap 12"s were thick with synth and super heavy.

 This is the instrumental B-side of an ok sing song sort of disco rap that he put out on WMOT, its basically just the instrumental with session keyboard player Aaron Jamal jamming on a moog for the duration, I like the dreamy piano chords and cosmic edge this has over the forgettable vocal side.

Captain Sky - Station Brake (Innermission)

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