Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beat Electric Ben's Mix  

While listening to Black Shag's incredible Uptown Express mix I realized that since being invited to contribute to Beat Electric back in June 2011 I haven't contributed a mix. On Sunday I grabbed a bunch of records that had been kicking around in my dj boxes and threw this together.  Ranges from some common dollar bin stuff to not so common.  I included a couple gospel boogie tracks to make up for blasting the hifi while a neighboring church was in session.

November 2012 Beat Electric Mix

Live Band - A Chance For Hope
Phase II - Follow Me
United Voice Players - Disco 5000 pt. II
J.D. Hall - Freak On Down
Risan - Eastern Palace Pt. 2
O'mar - Satisfaction
Warren G. Burris ft. Michell - I've Got It
Conway Brothers - Raise The Roof (Instrumental)
Azar Lawrence - Keep It Hot
9th Creation - Maybe
Kenny Smith - Holding On
Black Ivory - Hold On Tight
Chad - Voluptuous
TFO - Friend Of Mine
Junie Morrison - Jarr The Ground
Clockwork - I'm Your Candy Girl (Instrumental)
Funk Deluxe - Part Time Lover
Chas - I'm Going To Give You All Of Me
Lee Moore - Do You Feel Like A Party
Brian & Zan - Pump Your Body
Candye - Lover Boy
Ronnie Diamond & Nu Ohio Players - Playgirl
Rashawn - You're The One
Mint Cookie - Sweet Things to "G"

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