Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Gimme Your Love  

Though he is from New York City, DJ and producer Tony Carrasco is considered a pioneer of the Italo Disco sound.  This is a recurring theme in the history of recorded music, Americans being unable to recognize and appreciate the quality of their own most talented musicians.  Many of Tony's productions never saw a proper U.S. release. His most famous contribution to dance music was being one half of Klein & M.B.O. and co-writing and producing the classics "Dirty Talk" and "Wonderful".
Here is one of Tony's harder to find productions, an Italian-only 12" from 1983 under the group name Gongs Gang.  This tune is an excellent piece of Italo-boogie and fortunately the vocals aren't too wonky to screw up the great production.

update: instrumental added by request. enjoy.

Gongs Gang - Gimme Your Love (vocal)
Gongs Gang - Gimme Your Love (instrumental)

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