Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweepin' Off  

My brain was heavily serotonin deficient from desert parties and what not but I finally mustered the energy to share some tracks. First off is an Italo boogie track from 1983 by High Resolution! As usual the vocals leave more to be desired but the bass line is fresh! This was composed by Paolo del Prete and Marco Fatali and was released on SPQR.

High Resolution-Sweepin' Off
Next up are my two favorite tracks from Glenn Jones' 1984 LP called "Finesse" which came out on RCA Records. Both tracks have pretty dreamy synthesizers and Glenn's voice is spot on. Let me know how the tracks sound, I just got my vinyl ripping R2D2 working.

Glenn Jones-It Hurts Too Much
Glenn Jones-Finesse

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