Saturday, July 09, 2011

Punch Your Ticket  

This is what happens when you mix a funk band, a freestyle producer, and Miami together. Pretty Tony produced this record in 1983. It has a an proto Miami bass beat mixed with a smorgasbord of sounds and effects; and somehow it works.

Freestyle Express - Freestyle

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1 comments: to “ Punch Your Ticket

  • July 16, 2011 at 2:56 PM  

    This is the freakin' "bomb" as the young people used to say in the olden days..a wonderful example of that fluid moment in the eighties when cheapish drum machines, early samplers, two decks and a large record collection collided with the imagination of a generation raised on science-fiction narratives and sixties and seventies kids television against a backdrop of their parents funk, soul and disco records coupled with the output of a small cadre of American radio DJs into European electronica and synthpop.

    ....I love those moments in sonic history when genres are not fixed in stone, when anything goes and fluid experimentation not long-term career strategies are the order of the day....

    Definitely up there with their It's Automatic and Don't Stop The Rock which though I would like to say I bought at the time, it was actually the reissue sometime in the mid-late nineties (while a certain Beat Electric contributor was having an ambient drum & bass moment I was going all electro-a-go)....

    Anyone have a rip of Pretty Tony's "smokin'" version of Jam The Box?

    ps< how do you end up with the prefix "Pretty" as your name?! I somehow feel if I were known as "Pretty Paul" life would have turned out very differently indeed..actually that sounds truly awful..scrub it ;)