Saturday, January 15, 2011

Going down to Frisco', Lookin' for some disco.  

Prolific dub producer Sly Dunbar touched upon many projects during the 1980's, fusing Jamaican electronic music with rock and new wave for the American and European major labels, and occasionally putting out solo albums in Jamaica containing dubbed out cover versions of US soul and funk hits. I was in Dallas this past week, and was reminded of this slowed down, tripped out version of Dallas's premier funk act, Yarbrough and Peoples finest hit, 'Don't Stop The Music'. Which I always liked because Sly drops a reference to the disco scene in our hometown, San Francisco, in the first verse.. then I think he talks about people in SF having weird haircuts or something, which is valid commentary really I suppose.

Hold out for the monster slow jam end of night chorus on this one..

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