Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Ghetto Bird  

As most of you 80's nerds know the picture above is of TC's helicopter from one of my favorite childhood Television programs, Magnum PI. Initially I was going to use a shot from the film Blue Thunder as the helicopter in the movie was actually a souped-up LAPD ghetto bird, but I love the paint job on this one. Of course TC's helicopter was an island tour hopper that would get entangled in the occasional skirmish while assisting his pal Thomas Magnum. Come to think of it TC's character in the show fills a parallel role as Black Shag being BT Magnum's sidekick in the Beat Electric universe.

This is the 1983 instrumental B-Side of The Ghetto Bird, an LA private press boogie-rap homage to the those infernal police choppers that constantly light up the LA skyline.  Ironically, as I was recording this song one of those pesky buggers flew over my house as a constant reminder of the awesome police state we live in here in the good old US of A. If only it was still 1980 and Shag, LeBaron (Rick) and myself spent our days cruising around the Hawaiian skies in our own ghetto bird. That would be the life.

The Plainwrap Band - The Ghetto Bird (Instrumental)

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