Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Just Want To Know  

Rarity has no direct correlation with quality, naturally, and Sugarhill was a well distributed label with music videos and radio smashes on it's books, but for some reason the less they printed of something the better it tended to be, to my ears at least, and the 12" version of The Sequence's 'I Just Want to Know' is no exception.

I think this track is probably my favorite 'boogie', or non rapped vocal cut Sugarhill ever put out, and it's found on the B side of a nondescript slow burner named Where Are You Tonight, which I tried to record but it put my record needle to sleep.

The Sequence were sort of an early hip hop culture version of the Supremes, and former member Angie Stone is still big and putting records out, she is doing the whole neo-soul thing.

Shame there was never an instrumental or dub version of this, even though the vocals are the tracks strongest element, but one listen to the synth stabs on this and your hooked.. 'DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DAAAAA!'

The Sequence - I Just Want To Know

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