Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Great Escape  

Lyrically disco funk wasn't all about 'good times' and escapist hedonism. In practice it was I would assume, these tracks were for the dancefloor, but those acts that were born out of the urban funk and r'n'b scenes carried over some of the subject matter in their song writing that was pertinent to the young people in inner city dancing to and making this music at the time. Here are two upbeat, disco funk dancers that convey the struggle of making it day to day in the turn of the eighties.

Denny Greene's 'The Great Escape' is a real favorite of mine, it has all the hall marks of an expensive, highly collectible record. Its an indie pressing on the small Lenox Ave. records print, with it's two tone picture sleeve, hard boogie down backing percussion and moog lead breakdowns. Yet for some reason 'The Great Escape', Denny's only solo 12" that I know of, and his solo LP, go for a buck or two whenever I come across them. There is no justice. Especially considering one half of the album is great, slightly dusted indie disco and the other well written soulful reggae, I thought people were all over that. The Great Escape's powerful vocals hit hard and do justice to the instrumental... people dying, all the time, to skag and blow and pils and wine.. I have no idea what happened to Denny Greene despite trying to track him down. If anyone knows please leave a comment.

Next is the more known and sought after bboy historian favorite Prince Charles & The City Beat Band with 'In The Streets' on Greyhound Record Productions. This one is quirky, even to the point that it has it's labels on back to front so I ended up having to record both sides having accidental recorded the instrumental instead of the vocal. Double bonus for you:

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1 comments: to “ The Great Escape

  • April 12, 2010 at 5:19 PM  

    I super love In the Streets, and I'm excited to have a higher res rip of it, as well as the bonus instrumental.
    Also, thank you oh so much for Beat Electric. It really makes me feel better. Honestly.