Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Silver, Platinum and Gold  

I am back from the dead and while it will be difficult to compete with Black Shag's Full Time post or his amazing edits of our dear friend Anonymous's rather deft comments, I do have a few tracks up my sleeve before I retire for good. We have gotten several emails as of late from some serious overachievers looking to be contributers on the blog. The clown committee will have a vote sometime in the coming months and a decision will be made as to who can be the lucky sucker because lord knows this is a thankless gig.

Anyways, on to the music.

You may know Silver Platinum and Gold from the mid 70's 12" Single Just Friends or its B-Side I Got a Thing which Dimitri from Paris edited and released on the Disco Forever II comp back in 2000. Released in 1981 Hollywood was SPG's second and final LP. The Silver, Platinum and Gold Theme was the lead track on an otherwise mediocre record, but damn does this one slam hard. I did a quick extended edit of this track as it's so good I simply did not want it to end.

Silver, Platinum and Gold - SPG Theme (Extended Edit)

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