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Circa 1984 comes deep cut Nervous from Leather on the Soft Winds imprint, a private press possibly out of Chicago. But that is about as far as I can go on this one as I have spoken with a few heads and no one seems to know much of anything about this record. It almost never turns up anywhere except goliath dealer Craig Moerer from Portland may be sitting on a few sealed copies if you want to shell out the cash.

Nevertheless, I quite like the feel of this record. It's got a sort of post thriller proto haunted house vibe to it that lights up a dancefloor rather nicely. Loads of electro toms and icey synth lines make this one a winner. I included Nervous on my recent Stimulation mix which has a direct link below if you haven't had a chance to grab it off of the Monorail blog yet.

Leather - Nervous
Leather - Nervous (Instrumental)
BT Magnum - Stimulation Mix

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