Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The More You Do It The Better It Feels  

This cassette has been on repeat in my motor vehicle as of late. I love the fact that my car stereo is shit and this beat up tape from 1979 sounds like absolute crap. Sometimes its just better to go lo-fi in order to achieve the proper sonic experience.

Harvey Scales was once considered Milwaukee's "Godfather of Soul". I often used to pass up this Cassablanca release in the Milwaukee thrift stores as it looked sort of ridiculous (yet amazing) and I already had some of his earlier funk 45's which was more to my interest than glam disco at that particular time. I was fortunate enough to see Harvey play live at a few Bar Mitzvah's and Weddings back in the day, although I doubt I ever saw him perform this gem.

Harvey Scales - Keeps Getting Better

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