Thursday, August 20, 2009

You Got The Love  

I'm pretty sure for the entire time I have been listening to "dance music" this song by Candi Staton has been a track that always seems to speak right to whatever I am feeling. I can remember dancing my ass off to the Frankie Knuckles version on Trax as a youngster, throwing my hands up and singing along loudly not a care in the world. But as I get a bit older, just the littlest bit, it's the House Appela that always gets me straight in the heart.
This week, in light of some serious house posting by Black Shag, it seems fitting to post this track. That, and the fact that in the midst of weekly stresses and work, this track provides such an amazing soundtrack to coping with the hard times in life. It builds and climbs and though it never really goes all the way; it's subtlety is its genius. Of course lyrically this is a seriously amazing song. Yeah, I love this's just really, really good.

Candi Staton - You Got The Love (House Appela)

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