Friday, August 14, 2009


God bless this band. The fucking bollocks of the dog mate. What totally amazes me about The Clash is their ability to rule any genre, or sometimes accidentally create one (ahem, punk.)

They did rock pretty badass, but their reggae tune "Bank Robber" is among one of the hottest dub dance tunes I can think of. They also nailed the 1st B-Boy movement with "Magnificent 7", and then grabbed a foothold in disco history by simply releasing an instrumental version, "Magnificent Dance".

This tune here is called "Cool Confusion" and was originally the B Side to "Should I Stay Or Should I Go", pulled here from the wicked "Super Black Market Clash" 10" collection. No edits, no funny business, this is straight from the tap. Recorded in 1981 at Electric Lady Land Studios, NY (see photo above for a candid session shot.) This song is in it's own league entirely. I like to think of it as the nasty predecessor to the tune "Straight To Hell", which most people probably know now due to MIA's ripping a version of that. If this had more instrumental sections, I'm sure it would've been flipped by an aspiring R&B candidate already, but it hadn't, and it hasn't. May Joe Strummer rest in peace on that notion.

The Clash - "Cool Confusion"

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