Sunday, May 24, 2009


Armenta's I Wanna Be With You used to be a secret weapon staple of my sets long ago, but its sort of been a little played out the past couple of years so I retired it, that being said though I can only find Part 1 (the vocal radio mix) of the three parts out on the internetosphere, and nobody gives a shit about Part 1, you want to hear Part 2 with all the vocoder bits and breakdowns naturally.

I often see this record credited to Armenta & Majik, mine is just credited to Armenta, but Magik a.k.a Amir Bayyan is still listed as producer. I know the female singer was French, but Amir lived in the US and is shown above at home in his home studio (perhaps the best photo find in the history of boogie disco blogs, it took my ages . Its was taken by a dutch keyboard player in 1982).

I have to go to a bbq and I'm late.. I'll add to this when I get home and have a bit of time..

Armenta - I Wanna Be With You (Part 2)

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