Saturday, March 21, 2009

Searchin For Some Lovin  

 Here is a photo I took from a well curated stream on flickr . If you are the copyright holder,  before you write in, do bare in mind that we host gigabytes of other people's music and never asked them permission either, so don't feel so bad. I think the tags on the wall are very early examples from the birth of that culture, before it became more stylised, I don't know much about it, but its appropriate as this bomb tune is another great boogie example that verges on early  protohouse. I claim a lot of records to be my favorite West End release of all time, but this is the one that I enjoy the most out of my far from complete West End collection, and probably one of the rarest and most sought after.

 Check out the synth work on this..

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6 comments: to “ Searchin For Some Lovin

  • March 22, 2009 at 7:25 AM  

    Great track, put a smile on my face

  • March 23, 2009 at 4:48 AM  

    Thanks For Sharing

  • March 23, 2009 at 8:37 AM  

    Awesome joint! Just noticed that a vocal sample was used by the Basement Boys for their track "Searchin'" (under their 33 1/3 Queen moniker). Thanks for sharing.

  • March 24, 2009 at 11:18 AM  

    This is a Martha Cooper photo. The person that has it on their flickr is not the original owner.

  • March 24, 2009 at 1:55 PM  

    Looking here, looking there... yeah nice one!

  • June 2, 2009 at 9:08 AM  

    Sorry to not tell you this before but I only just saw this post: Years and years ago, i.e. 1989/90, there was a record shop in my home town in the Uk which used to sell second hand records. One day they had boxes and boxes arrive - which I opened, and they were all old West End 12" this time I was pretty clueless about the value of things being only young, so bought a copy of each of the various tracks. There was only about 5 different tracks, with maybe 10 boxes. One of the tracks was this one. sorry dude - wish I'd known it was rare!