Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here Comes the Polyphase  

What is a Polyphase? Is it a funky science party, a means to distribute alternating current electrical power, or a tribute to the 70's electro-harmonix effect pedal? You make the call!


So there are tracks you get super excited about when you first hear them and they sort of fade from your consciousness over time. Then there are the cuts that just stay with you, meld deeply into your psyche, and never let go. "Polyphase" by Aaron Broomfield is the latter. One thing I enjoy so much about this track is the lyrics. Normally, I am not one to fault the simplicity of soul lyrics. In fact most of the time I prefer them to the majority of crap indie lyrics we have to endure, but the quirky lyrical concept in this song just works. Especially when put in contrast to Mr. Broomfield's somewhat limited range as a vocalist.

The instrumental B-side is a dancefloor killer. With an intensely tight arrangement, Broomfield obviously had nonstop ass shaking in mind when he constructed this monster. Make sure to check out the accompanying video complete with zoomed in crotch shots of his backing vocalist.

Aaron Broomfield is still on the scene and the Dance Classic Master has posted an informative interview with the man from a few years back. Broomfield's two releases on his own Miami based Mountain Records label are both considered to be very obscure pieces. "Polyphase" has been reissued directly by Broomfield from his master tapes and cheap bootlegs float around the internets as well. If you want to find the OG "Polyphase" just do a little research, there is a running time discrepancy on the label between the 1983 and 2004 pressings. It won't make much difference though, both pressings are rare as hell and quite pricey.

Look out for a Beat Electric post on Broomfield's first 12" Single "I'm Gonna Miss Ya" in the near future.

Aaron Broomfield - Polyphase
Aaron Broomfield - Polyphase (Instrumental)

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