Thursday, December 25, 2008

Starlight - The Break  

Index were a British studio project produced by Kris Staines in 1980. Kris went on to do the UK remix of Touch Down's "Ease Your Mind" on Streetwise in 1982 amongst a few other things. The Index project yielded only one 12" release. According to Black Shag this song actually got radio play over the years in Great Britain and I suspect Escort were listening closely to this track when they wrote their own "Starlight" a few years back. The A side vocal version has a few too many cheesy bits for my taste, but the B side "Starlight - The Break" hits damn hard with an incredible keyboard hook and souped up horn lines. A shout out to DâM-FunK who dropped this at the Sweater Funk party some months back prompting a few of us to lose our shit and go on the hunt for this rare boogie workout.

Index - Starlight (The Break)

The Vocal Mix:

Index - Starlight (Edit)

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